maio, 2019

201914mai(mai 14)10:0016(mai 16)18:00Brazil Accelerated Route to Fellowship10:00 - 18:00 (16) CAM-CCBC - Rua do Rocio, 220 - Vila OlímpiaTipo de evento:Apoio Institucional


Dear All,

In a month’s time, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), once more with the local support of CAM-CCBC, will hold its workshops and assessment for the admission of new Fellows (FCIArb). This is an intensive program with two days of workshops and written assignments, and an award-writing final exam.

This is the third edition of the ARF in Brazil. The previous ones took place at CAM-CCBC in 2013 and 2016. São Paulo has been leading the expansion of CIArb’s presence in South America. This upcoming ARF is the ideal opportunity for Brazilian and other South American practitioners and arbitrators to become Fellows and benefit from participating in the international community of CIArb. The workshops will be conducted by Jeffrey Elkinson, former CIArb President, with the assistance, among others, of Robert Shawyer and Christopher Dancaster, from the CIArb headquarters, and Antonio Monteiro da Silva, from São Paulo.

To learn more about CIArb and why take part in the Fellowship course and assessment, please visit Feel free to contact any of the Brazilian FCIArb to know about their own experience with the Fellowship program. In addition to the FCIArb listed below, Brazilian membership comprises also a large number of Members (MCIArb) and Associates (ACIArb). You may find a comprehensive list on the CIArb website.

Good luck to all participants in the ARF and welcome to our future Fellows.

Brazilian Fellows

Ana Gerdau, FCIArb (Paris)

Antonio Carlos Monteiro da Silva, FCIArb (São Paulo)

Cesar Pereira, FCIArb (São Paulo)

Claudio Finkelstein, FCIArb (São Paulo)

Cristina Mastrobuono, FCIArb (São Paulo)

Daniel Nogueira, FCIArb (Manaus)

Eduardo Grebler, FCIArb (Belo Horizonte)

Erika Levin, FCIArb (New York)

Felipe Hasson, FCIArb (Miami)

Flavio Bettega, FCIArb (Curitiba)

Frederico Singarajah, FCIArb (London)

Joaquim Muniz, FCIArb (Rio de Janeiro)

Julio Cesar Bueno, FCIArb (São Paulo)

Lucila Carvalho, FCIArb (Belo Horizonte)

Marcelo Escobar, FCIArb (São Paulo)

Mauricio Gomm, FCIArb (Miami)

Napoleão Casado Filho, FCIArb (São Paulo)

Paulo Pinheiro Machado, FCIArb (Curitiba)

Rafael Gagliardi, FCIArb (São Paulo)

To provide a fast-track route towards Fellowship through the International (i.e. non-domestic) Arbitration Pathway. The Accelerated Route towards Fellowship has been designed for busy, legally qualified professionals who have substantial unassessed knowledge and experience of international arbitration. The aim of the programme is to assess whether the candidate has the knowledge required to apply the principles and procedure of international arbitration using arbitration legislation based on the UNCITRAL Model Law and Arbitration Rules and is capable of writing an reasoned and enforceable International Arbitration Award.

Candidates must evaluate their personal suitability to undertake the programme, appreciating that the assessments are intensive and that they will be assessed against standard benchmarks. This programme focuses on the process, practice and procedures in international arbitration which is an essential requirement for qualification as a Fellow and for those who aim to practice as an international arbitrator.

What is covered within the syllabus?

  • Arbitration agreements;
  • The legal framework: the importance of the seat, the New York Convention, procedural laws, and procedural rules; conflict of laws, the Rome Convention;
  • The use and adoption by State entities of the UNCITRAL Model Law;
  • The UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts;
  • Types of Arbitration: ad-hoc, institutional, documents only, time limited;
  • Commencement of the arbitration, terms of reference;
  • Obligations of the tribunal, responsibilities and obligations of the parties;
  • The arbitrator’s terms and conditions of appointment;
  • An arbitrator’s jurisdiction and powers;
  • Challenges to jurisdiction, conflicts of interest;
  • Managing the arbitration process: communications, preliminary meeting, interlocutory matters, dealing with factual and opinion evidence and disclosure of documents;
  • Security for costs;
  • Presenting the claim and the defence: alternative methods;
  • Preparation for and procedure at a typical hearing, contrasting common law and civil law jurisdictions;
  • Essentials of an enforceable award;
  • Costs, offers and interest; alternative approaches in different jurisdictions.

Places are limited!!

Cost: Course _ GBP £900.00; Assessment _ GBP £408.00

For more information and to book your place, visit the CIArb website:


14 (Terça-feira) 10:00 - 16 (Quinta-feira) 18:00


CAM-CCBC - Rua do Rocio, 220 - Vila Olímpia